PaytimeBux Review Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Payment Proof: soon

Whois: check
Script: nTen
Host: Enom
Created: May 5, 2013
Launched: July 9, 2013

Owner Details
unknown operator from United States (US) ??
"Elite Servers"


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    - Under 1 year of age, For testing only.
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PaytimeBux ( Descriptions
PaytimeBux is a paid to click program/website which can be found at Users gets paid to click ads, refer people, and more. Is PaytimeBux legit or scam? Paying or not? Read more below.

You Should Know

Has hidden ownership informations. Whois is private, which limits the review to some point. Got bad feelings about this one coz some similarities to Ashraful Abedin's site (scam sites owner) spotted like poor english skills, too many typos (on site), errors, homepage punch lines, hosting, and more. Not saying they are, bad feeling only. PayPal account name is "Elite Servers". Will be updated.

New Site (On Going Review)
Paytimebux is under 1 year of age. Will stay in On Going Review List and will be for testing. You can help us by posting a comment below post.

Other Informations

Good Things About PaytimeBux
  1. Paying
    - This status may change suddenly without notice, please report here incase something happen.
  2. Forum
    - Scam site detection and monitoring starts here.
Bad Things
  1. Whois is Private
    - Hidden ownership details and etc.
  2. Typos
    - Because they are new or what. Not an issue for me, just saying. Sometimes we based in languages in comparing persons who owns the site from another.


Answers The Questions:
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Is scam?
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Is fake?
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PaytimeBux legit?
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PaytimeBux paying?
PaytimeBux paying or not?
PaytimeBux working?
PaytimeBux safe?
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PaytimeBux review
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