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Whois: check
Script: NextGen
Host: Black Lotus
Created: July 3, 2013

  • Not Recommended
    - Too many sites, suspected owner as Arslan Satti, a scammer. Read more details below.
Ownership Details
Sergey Zorenko (Suspected as Arslan Satti's alias)

NutBux ( Descriptions
NutBux is a paid to click program which can be found at Powered by NextGen Script. Users gets paid to click or view ads and more. Is NutBux a scam site or a legit one? Read more below.

You Should Know

Basing from our whois queries and checkings, NutBux is operated by a person hiding as Sergey Zorenko which we suspect as Arslan Satti. This guy is a scammer, known for creating too many fake PayPal and other ewallet accounts, and creating too many website. Since we haven't covered Arslan's past scamming activities, we won't discuss it here for copyright purpose.

Not Recommended
Talking about Sergey Zorenko means the whole network he own. At first we moved all of the site included on his network to watchlistings but lately we have decided to finalize everything and put it under Not Recommended List.

  1. Too Many Sites
    - 10 sites operated at the same time, the list keeps adding up.

    OperaBux (non paying)
    RingBux (suspended)
    NutBux (latest!)

  2. Too Many eWallet Accounts
    - Uses too many PayPal and Payza accounts. Suspected as fake names.

    Mark Paul, PayPal (OperaBux)
    Dmitriya Lexandrovich, Payza (OperaBux)
    Diron Carol, PayPal (DearBux)
    Sergy Zorenko, PayPal (DearBux)
    Alexandr Kulikov, PayPal (KoolBux and NutBux)
    Minakin Andrey, PayPal (BestLifeBux)
    Zorenko Sergy, PayPal (BestLifeBux and TermBux)
    Sergey Zorenko, PayPal (TermBux)
    Alexey Chelyshov, Payza (TaleBux, BuxFeed)
    Chelyshov Alexey, PayPal (TaleBux, BuxFeed)
  3. Ponzi
    - Too many sites operated which rotates its members within the network. Markets people instead of service. This is the reason why this network is still alive without having a single complaint. ARSLAN FEEDS ON YOUR INVESTMENT. Paying stats doesn't mean they are legit.

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