NerdBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Payment Proof: check

Whois: check
Script: PTC Evolution
Host: Enom
Created: February 14, 2013
Launched: June 26, 2013

TimTech LLC - Tim Linden
From West Kingston, US

Sites Operated:

  1. Trck.Me - Link Tracker
  2. DoctorTraffic.Net - Traffic Exchange
  3. ClickTrackProfit.Com - PTS
  4. ListNerds.Com - List Marketing
  5. StartXChange.Com - Traffic Exchange
  6. ILoveHits.Com - Traffic Exchange
  7. Sweeva.Com - Traffic Exchange
  8. Thumbvu.Com - Traffic Exchange
NerdBux ( Descriptions
NerdBux is a paid to click website which can be found at Users gets paid to view adverts, play NerdGrid, refer people and more. Is NerdBux scam or not? Let's see what we can have here.

You Should Know
Operated by a company called TimTech LLC from West Kingston US, owned by a person named as Tim Linden. Tim Tech LLC is a 6-man team or maybe more naming:
  1. Tim Linden
  2. Justin Ledvina
  3. Jon Olson
  4. Larry Dame
  5. Brenda Broyles
  6. Bill Gorcsi
Operating since 2003, a great achievement for a company building a network of Traffic Exchange, Analytics,  List marketing and more. Not saying we can now trust them, just telling that this team already operated vast span of business days.

More like what Hitzza owner did.

New Site (On Going Review)
NerdBux is under 1 year of age and for testing only. New sites are under on going list for proper reviewing purpose. Test before investing. This site may undergo developments like maintenance, updates, change logs, adapting that might affect your earning process. Expect changes.

Other Informations

Good Things About NerdBux

  1. Whois is Public
    - Open to public. Owner, location, sites operated, dns records distinguished.
  2. Trusted Company
    - Operating since 2002, established company.
Bad Things

  1. Too Many Sites
    - Operates a total of 9 Sites, may affect everything including customer support, visibility, maintenance, operations and more.


Answers The Questions:
Is legit?
Is scam?
Is legit or scam?
Is paying?
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NerdBux legit?
NerdBux scam?
NerdBux paying?
NerdBux paying or not?
NerdBux working?
NerdBux safe?
NerdBux payment proofs?
NerdBux review
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