MusicXRay Review: Legit or Scam

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Payment Proofs:

Whois: check
Host: LLC
Script: Custom
Created: May 26, 2006
Launched: July 2009
Founded: 2006

Ownership Details
Owner: Mike McCready
Position: CEO, Co-Founder
Company: Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc. / Music XRay
Location: New York, US


  • Legit Site
    - For Listeners, established and organized company, paying since July 2009.
    - For Musicians, the site recieves numerous complaints and negative feedbacks so we have decided to stick this site to "Legit List" only instead of "Elite Listings".Read our review below for more details about MusicXray.Com.

MusicXRay is considered by PhilReviews as a Data Entry and Micro Job sites for listeners but it is most likely a site focused on Music Industry. Listeners here are paid $0.10 and above just to listen for every music  clip delivered to your MusicXRay account.

Wikipedia described this site as "a platform that enables musicians to interact directly with top music industry professionals" and "an enhanced A&R platform"

The website which is under the operation of Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc. an established and organized company both when in virtual and real life as they are already featured in some news agencies like BBC News, The New Yorker, etc.

Supported and associated to some high profile companies and industry professionals like Moby and Sony BMG, and more.

To check Platinum Blue's company details like officers and more please click here.

Paying Since 2009 - For Listeners
Music is nothing without the listeners, that's why the company pays you for every clip you play. Paying since 2009 without major issues and delays on payments. Pays on time, payment proofs are very visible to search engines. BUT recieves numerous complaints and bad feedbacks, see below.

Most people say it's still best to use ears to listen music and hands to compose songs but this company innovates everything from composition to marketing making the site recieves a lot of critics. Even big time song writers and high profile identities are being skeptical of the platform. "The only technology I would use to pick a hit is my ears. I would not listen to a computer" said Louis Walsh of X Factor via BBC.

Complaints and Feedbacks
- For Musicians
Recieves too many red labeled complaints and feedbacks when talking about musicians who pays the site. Commonly misunderstanding, both valid and invalid, not satisfied, scam, lack of support, theft, ripped-off service and more. Here's some of McCready's testimonials to this hot seat they are dealing with:

"Music Xray is about transparency and we know there are some tough questions users and potential users want to know the answers to. So we thought we’d sit ourselves down in the hot seat and address these issues head on. 
When people think of innovation they tend to think only of technology innovations, and Music Xray brings many technology innovations to the table. But Music Xray also innovates with its business model (who pays, who gets paid, and what for). 
Business model innovation generates a lot of questions because it creates a way of doing business that is different from what has gone before. It can even feel counter-intuitive. We recognize that and we try to address these concerns transparently. In fact, Music Xray is the subject of a business school case study by Harvard sister school IESE, the highest ranked business school in the world outside the US. See it here. 
Rather than create a long essay, this post seeks to level the harshest misunderstandings about Music Xray and answer them head-on. So, here we go… "
Courtesy: MusicXRay Blog, Find their answers to your questions here - 

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