LotusBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Website: http://www.lotusbux.com/
Payment Proof: check

Whois: check
Script: PTC Evolution
Host: Name.Com LLC
Created: January 24, 2013
Launched: July 12, 2013

Ownership Details
Le Ha Van of VietStorm / VDC Online
From Vietnam (Viet Nam)

Homepagehttp://vdc.com.vn/ ?


  • New Site
    - Under 1 year of age, for testing only.
  • On Going Review
    - For proofs, complaints, feedbacks, suggestions, problems, doubts please post it in comment box.

LotusBux Descriptions
LotusBux is a paid to click program or website which can be found at lotusbux.com. Users gets paid to click adverts and more. Is this site a scam or not? Read more below.

You Should Know

LotusBux is operated by a company called VietStorm / VDC Online. (For admin, please notify us incase this two company has different owners). This company is basing from Ha Noi, Vietnam operating two or more website naming:
  1. http://vdc.com.vn/
  2. http://vdconline.vn/
  3. http://vietstorm.com.vn/
  4. http://www.conbaoviet.com/
  5. http://www.vemaybaysieure.vn/
  6. http://vemaybayvenus.com/
  7. http://www.tonthepviet.com.vn - not sure about this one
  8. http://thepong.com.vn/ - not sure about this one
Has too many company names and websites which gives me headache knowing they are all Vietnamese written and needs a lot of translations to trace informations. Connected to each other if incase they have different admins or maybe different operators.

New Site
LotusBux is under 1 year of age required to be categorized as legitimate, website for testing only. Please test the site first before making an investment. May undergo development and adapting making changes that may affect member's activity.

Other Informations

Good Things About LotusBux
  1. $0.10 Minimum Cashout
    - Easy to reach, might take a week without referals to reach limit.
  2. Forum
    - Has forum which is a very good source of informations, complaints, payment proofs, negative comments, and more. Scam site monitoring starts here.
  3. Must Be Focus to be Credited (PTC Ads)
    - Good for advertisers, can give higher sales rate if the site members multiply.

Bad Things
  1. Self Sponsored Ads
    - PTC adverts, only gives sale to the website IF a user signs up and stays active in clicking. No click, no sale.
  2. Too Many Sites
    - Own/operates 8+ sites. Hard to maintain and needs a team of staffs who will attend each of their sites.
  3. New Site
    - Expect both major and minor changes. May change status without notice.


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Is lotusbux.com safe or not?
lotusbux.com scam or legit?
lotusbux.com scam or not?
LotusBux legit?
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LotusBux paying or not?
LotusBux legit or scam?
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LotusBux working?
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LotusBux review
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If you think this website is a scam, kindly drop a comment below post.

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