GarantiBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Payment Proof: check it here

Whois: check it here
Script: PTC Evolution
Host: NameSilo LLC
Created: April 29, 2013

Ownership Details
New Owner: Henry Francis? aka ""
Location: Peru

Former Owners: Ionut Cosmin and Corina Georgiana
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Same owner of:



Update: July 24, 2013

Site was sold to a guy named as Francis, Henry and here's what here said via GarantiBux Forum:
"Hello members!
My name is Henry and I am the new admin of Thank you for your patience last few days during transfer our site. We'll make some changes in this site for making stable and reliable, new systems to earn money will also be implemented soon. New rented referral system will be developed to only give you active clickers...
Payza is not available for now until they approve our account. Paypal, EgoPay and Perfect Money are available for you now!
All will be better but please allow us 2-3 days for adaptation. Thank you!"
Source: GarantiBux Forum 
This guy owns another site which is, a PTC site in PTCEvo Script. We had tracked this via EgoPay which indicates reciever as

Anyways, GarantiBux will stay on New Owner / Operator List for a while and will be moved if shows good signs of business operations. Will be updated.


Update: July 21, 2013

Admin said if he can't find a buyer of his site, will continue operations but not like the past which is full time. Here's Ionut Cosmin statement about this issue:
"Hi guys,
I just get home and it seems that instead of getting myself some good news, I found bad ones. PayPal limited my account. Reason: Having more than 1 Personal and 1 Business account. I don't know from where they find this, because I only have 1 Business account, which is used for GarantiBux.
I already sent some e-mails to their support and now I'm waiting for their answers. For moment PayPal has been removed from our payment processors, as there is no sense to have it since we can't use the money to pay you back.
You can deposit and withdraw via Payza and soon via EgoPay (as soon as some funds go to this account) .
I'm sorry for those which requested their payments, but I couldn't process them via PayPal and so, i refund them back to their accounts. I'm waiting you to request via Payza so I can pay you.
I'll keep you updated with any answer I might get from PayPal."


GarantiBux Descriptions
GarantiBux which can be found at is a paid to click (ptc) website created April 29, 2013 via NameSilo LLC using PTC Evolution Script. Users gets paid to click or view advertisements. Is GarantiBux legit or scam? Paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know

Based on request submission details via "Request Page". Owners are named Cosmin Ionut and Corina Georgiana both from Bucharest, Romania.

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Cosmin Ionut, is the former owner and administrator of the site called Go4Clicks which is sold to a new person named Lelux (Orim Odar) and Toopeh both from Finland via EmoneySpace Forum of NorthOwl. Unfortunately, the site is now suspended by the hosting and considered closed as they do not exist anymore.

New Site
This kind of sites are those which are very hard to deal with based on the fact that they are still under development stage and are hard to predict. Not fully recommended, test first before using.

On-Going Review
GarantiBux is a new site and will be placed under on-going review list for some months for proper review purpose. You can help us by posting a comment below, it will be a great help.

Other Info

Good Things About GarantiBux

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  1. Changes
    - Lowered payrates for sustainable business, good decision from them. Rolled back upgraded members to standard and gave back $20 to purchase balance to make a new upgrade.
  2. Paying
    - Paying but this status may change anytime without prior notice, please post here if incase this happen.
  3. Forum
    - Is a very good source of informations, complaints, issues, problems, doubts, feedbacks and more. Monitoring of scam activities starts here so this is very crucial.
Bad Things
  1. New Site
    - This type of sites always undergo changes that may affect its members. For testing only.
  2. Payrates
    - Both pro and a con, pros is that the site will be stable, cons because too low payrates isn't fair for everyone.

Reports and Complaints
As of today we haven't recieve any valid reports and complaints about this site. But incase you have one, do not hesitate to go back here and post a comment below. We will be glad to hear your voice as users.


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