EarnOn.Me Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Website: http://www.earnon.me/
Payment Proof: soon

Whois: check it here
Script: Custom - PTC Evolution
Host: Domain.Com LLC
Created: May 23, 2013
Launched: May 2013

"Pshemo" of Alena Group (Netherlands)

Same owner of:

  • Earn-On (earn-on.com)
    - A paid to click website which pays its users per click, pays Euro currency.
  • New Site
    - Sites under 1 year of age or may extend
  • On Going Review
    - For proper reviewing process. You can help us by posting comment below post.
EarnOn.Me which can be found at earnon.me is a paid to click website created May 23, 2013 via Domain.com LLC and uses customized PTC Evolution Script. Pays users to click or view ads, do offers, sign-up, watch videos, play games, play AdGrid. Is EarnOn.Me legit or scam? Paying or Not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know

EarnOn.Me is operated and founded by a guy called "Pshemo" which belongs from a company called Alena Group from European Union - Netherlands to be exact.

Alena Group is the same company who runs a site called EarnOn which can be found at earn-on.com. Earn-On.Com is a paid to click website the same like EarnOn, the difference is, Earn-On.Com is running in nTen Script and pays using Euro currency.

Whois is Private
We support the idea of being transparent thats why we dont like query results in private. Plus, we will have a hard time verifying the owners identity if real or not because of this.

New Site
Created May 23, 2013. This kind of sites are those which are hard to deal with. Why? New sites are under development stage, changes and any downfall may affect everything. Test first before using. 

On-Going Review
EarnOn.Me is under On-Going Review List since this is a new site, this are for proper reviewing purpose. You can help us by posting a comment below post.

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