ClixSense Review: Legit or Scam

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Script: Customized
Host: Enom
Created: December 29, 2006

Jim Grago from New York, USA

Same owner of:

  • AdHitz (
    - An ad network mostly money making ads, publisher or advertiser options, an elite site lister.
  • Elite Site
    - websites above 2 years of age, paying without any major issues
ClixSense Descriptions
ClixSense which can be found at is a paid to click (ptc) site created December 29, 2006 via Enom Hosting by a person named Jim Grago from United States of America. Users gets paid to click or view advertisements, refer members, do tasks, offers, and win on ClixGrid. Checklist bonus also gives you extra income for completing requirements to recieve money. Is ClixSense legit or scam? Paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know
Elite Site
ClixSense proved itself eligible on our "Elite Listings". A website must be over 2 years of age, has no major issues (except the issues of having non paying site operated when they were still new) in order to qualify.

Paying Site
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Paying since 2006 without delays. Payment proofs can be found everywhere - Forums, Blogsites, Social Networks, etc.

ClixSense is owned by a guy named Jim Grago from US. He is the same owner of AdHitz, an elite site lister on PhilReviews.

Good Stuffs
Pays decent cost without affecting the site's stability. ClixSense earnings is one of the best around PTC industry.

Earning Options
Multiple earning alternatives if you dont want to click. CloudFlower and other tasks, offers, ClixGrid Game, Referal Program is available. Supports 8-Level referal program.

No Clicking Required To Earn
Left your account for vaccation? No problem, ClixSense still give you the opportunity to earn from your direct referals without clicking daily unlike many other bux sites which requires you to click in order to get clicking commissions. Just make sure to log-in and do not leave your account hanging in 90 days (3 months), ClixSense will delete you.

Bad Stuffs
Related to GeoString, a non paying site from the former owner and associate of ClixSense. This event happened dated back May 2010-2011 based on PTC-Investigations and WordLinx forum since we haven't covered this issue.

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