BuxFeed Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Website: http://www.buxfeed.com
Payment Proof: soon

Whois: check it here
Script: NextGen
Host: BuxHost
Created: May 22, 2013

Ownership Details
Sergey Zorenko (suspected as Arslan Satti's alias)

Operates too many sites:

  1. TermBux, termbux.com
  2. BestLifeBux, bestlifebux.com
  3. DearBux, dearbux.com
  4. KoolBux, koolbux.com
  5. OperaBux, operabux.com (non paying)
  6. RingBux, ringbux.com (suspended)
  7. TaleBux, talebux.com
  8. BuxFeed, buxfeed.com
  9. GraceBux, gracebux.com
  10. NutBux, nutbux.com (latest)
  • Not Recommended
    - Too many sites operated, suspected as Arslan Satti's network. Read more below.
BuxFeed (buxfeed.com) Descriptions
BuxFeed found at buxfeed.com is a paid-to-click website created May 22, 2013 by a guy known as Sergey Zorenko as alias. Is a BuxHost site which uses NextGen Script. Users gets paid to click or view adverts. BuxFeed Scam or not? Let's take closer look!


  1. Suspected Owner 
    - Sergey Zorenko's identity like what I and others have said in too many forums and postings, is doubtful. Suspected as Arslan Satti of Pakistan.
    - Arslan Satti is known for generating and providing fake payment accounts like PayPal and more and making an alibis that he just borrowed it from a person. Have you noticed how huge the list of Sergey's payment account?
  2. Too Many Sites Operated
    - Operates 10 sites, one of them is non paying, another one is suspended. This numbers are too difficult to maintain. Keeps increasing.
  3. Too Many PayPal and Payza Accounts
    - As I've said, there is a guy know for this kind of actions and he is Arslan Satti, owner of too many scam sites and fake payment accounts. So better think twice before investing. Here's the list:

    Alexey Chelyshov, Payza (TaleBux)
    Chelyshov Alexey, PayPal (TaleBux)
    Mark Paul, PayPal (OperaBux)
    Dmitriya Lexandrovich, Payza (OperaBux)
    Diron Carol, PayPal (DearBux)
    Sergy Zorenko, PayPal (DearBux)
    Alexandr Kulikov, PayPal (KoolBux and NutBux)
    Minakin Andrey, PayPal (BestLifeBux)
    Zorenko Sergy, PayPal (BestLifeBux and TermBux)
    Sergey Zorenko, PayPal (TermBux)
  4. Ponzi
    - The network is just rotating its members from site to another forming a cycle. More like marketing people instead of services.
  5. Controversial
    Now you should know why this network is having too many issues. Better start searching and learn more.
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