Amazon Mechanical Turk Review: Legit or Scam

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Payment Proof: soon
Whois: check
Registered: October 22, 2001

Owner Details
Amazon.Com Inc. from Seattle, Washington, US


  • Elite Site
    - Site operating 2 years and above, no major issues.
  • Established Site
    - Owned by Amazon.Inc, a trusted website.
Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Descriptions
This website which can be found at is a data entry website. Users gets paid to do data entry jobs like categorizing, audio and video transcription, editing, writing, labeling, research, and much more. Is this website a scam site or a legit one? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know

Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk ( is owned and operated by a trusted company called Inc. I'm pretty sure everyone of you knows this site. Amazon.Com Inc. operates in Seattle, Washington, USA. You can check the main website here -

Elite and Established Site
The site is operating since 2001 and pays its users without major issues. This is enough to add this site to Elite Site Listings. And also, (mTurk owner) is an established, well known, and one of the most visited sites around the world.

Other Informations

Good Things About mTurk
  1. Established Site
    - Owned by Inc.
  2. One of Leading Data Entry Sites
    - mTurk is a known competitor of CloudCrowd and CrowdFlower, a similar data entry site.
  3. Thousands of Hits (Jobs)
    - Hundreds of project makers posts jobs everyday so it is very impossible for you to get zero. Actually, a member can get from 100 and above hits (jobs) per day. It's up to you where you going to work with.
Bad Things About mTurk

  1. Amazon Payment (Required)
    - After approval, a user must create an Amazon Payments Account. This is a requirements so this will be added here. Found at
  2. Account Approval
    - A user's account must be approved by mTurk before having full access to available hits. May take 1 day or more, notification will be sent to your email if approved.
  3. Slow Earnings
    - time spent not equal to money earned.

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