UeoBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Website: http://www.ueobux.com/
Payment Proof: soon

Whois: check it here
Host: Enom Inc
Script: nTen PTC Script
Created: April 1, 2013

Ashraful Abedin (from Bangladesh)
also known as Shajjad of EmoneySpace


  • Not Recommended - scam site owner and more
UeoBux Descriptions
UeoBux is a paid to click (ptc) website created April 1, 2013 via Enom using 33Brushes' nTen PTC Script. Owned and operated by a scammer named Ashraful Abedin from Bangladesh. User gets paid to click. Is UeoBux legit or scam? Paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know
Scam Site Owner
UeoBux is owned and operated by a guy named Ashraful Abedin from Bangladesh. For your information, those who don't know him, he is the biggest scammer this year 2013. Recent scam site operated was:
  • SamBux (closed site, scam site)
  • XcBux (closed site, scam site)
  • GooBux (inactive site, not recommended, scam)
  • XoxBux (inactive site, not recommended, scam)
  • BatBux (not recommended)
  • RyoBux (not recommended)
  • and more
Again, like many other sites of this guy. UeoBux and other sites he have we had mentioned above are all hosted at Enom and service provided by NameCheap. The ad network as you can notice are the same ads used in BatBux. Coincidence? Hell no!

Self Sponsored Ad
Although too mainstream, every new and upcoming scam site made are always posted on every sites "view ads" advertisements. Ofcourse, he won't waste money on advertising those sites because it will go scamming within some months only.

Poor English Skill
Too mainstream. Like many other site he founded, you couldn't deny this guy rely on copy pasting words and sentences he can use. The home page, the forum post, the script, those announcements he made, those response to your complaints on the forum, and those emails he sent to your account. You can see an obvious Ashraful Abedin's aura present. See this image below:
Emoneyspace thread reply of Shajjad (Ashraful Abedin)
Now comparing it to UeoBux:

UeoBux Forum
How come this guy is a trusted person? He can't even write a single sentence properly!

Spammed Forum
UeoBux Forum? Yea, it was a wasteland. A forum should be clean and properly moderated at all times. Hell they care for the forum, if the site will go scamming sooner?

Other Info

Reports and Complaints
Please, do not hesitate to go here and post a comment below post. Automatically sent to our email. We will be glad to hear your voice as users. Plus, visitors can see your complaints so it will be helpful for them to hear your feedback about the site.

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Is ueobux.com safe or not?
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UeoBux legit?
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UeoBux paying or not?
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UeoBux review
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If you think this website is a scam, kindly drop a comment below post.

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