TruBux Review: Legit or Scam

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Payment Proof: soon to be added

Whois: check it here
Script: nTen PTC Script
Host: Name.Com LLC
Created: April 27, 2013
Launch: May 20, 2013



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TruBux which can be found at is a paid-to-click (PTC) website created April 27, 2013 via LLC. Whois is private/hidden and it is the reason why this review are limited to some point. Users gets paid to click. Running using nTen PTC Script. Is TruBux legit or scam? paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know
New Site
As usual, we do not fully recommend new sites since this type are those which are hard to predict and to deal with. New sites are still under development and adapting so we advice to take safety measures before using it.

Whois is Private
Like we always say, a hidden whois information is something to doubt with.

On-Going Review
This site still lack on running days so please stay tuned and wait for the next update. By simply commenting below post, you can be a big help for us. We will be glad to hear your voice as users.

Other Info

Cashing Out Options - Payza and LibertyReserve
Has Payment Proof Section -

Reports and Complaints
As of today we haven't recieve any valid complaints and reports from users. Post a comment below if you have one.

Answers The Questions:
Is legit?
Is scam?
Is legit or scam?
Is paying?
Is paying or not?
Is not paying?
Is working?
Is working or not?
Is safe?
Is fake?
Is safe or not? scam or legit?
TruBux legit?
TruBux fake?
TruBux scam?
TruBux scam or legit?
TruBux paying?
TruBux paying or not?
TruBux working?
TruBux safe?
TruBux payment proofs?
TruBux review
TruBux review updated
TruBux review 2013

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