RyoBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Website: http://www.ryobux.com/
Payment Proof: soon

Whois: check it here
Host: Enom Inc
Script: nTen PTC Script
Created: March 12, 2013

Ashraful Abedin (from Bangladesh)


  • Not Recommended - scam site owner and more, see details below

RyoBux Descriptions
RyoBux which can be found at ryobux.com is a paid to click (ptc) website created March 12, 2013 via Enom. The site is using nTen PTC Script by XeonCoder. User gets paid to click or view ads. Is RyoBux legit or scam? Paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know
Scam Site Owner
Ashraful Abedin, the biggest scammer of year 2013. This guy operates scam sites like:

  1. SamBux (closed site)
  2. GooBux (inactive)
  3. XcBux (closed site)
  4. JssBux (inactive)
  5. BatBux (latest of his sites)
  6. XoxBux (inactive)
Script License
The site started March 12, 2013 (basing this date assuming it is the day the script is bought), and the license will expire on October 2013. So all in all, he now only have a 4 to 5 months remaining. So the site will last 4 months more as this guy don't need to renew it anymore. That will be enough to grab all your money.
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Same Hosting
Looks like all of Ashraful's site was hosted on the same web hosting which is Enom Inc and service provided by NameCheap. All of his site when compared most likely get the same result when looking on every query. You can try it to believe it.

RyoBux on Search Engine
Thought it was RyoBux? Why showed IconBux? IconBux is also one of Ashraful Abedin's scam site years ago. Didn't cover this review so we won't detail it further.

Downtime or Planned?
Log-in and Registration is disabled i suspect. When i try to log-in, i was slapped by a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. What does that mean? There are some things you should know when talking about this kind of error:
  1. Error about the script
  2. Issue about the Programming
  3. Might be intended to have an error
  4. Issue about Internal Server
  5. and more. see details check it here
Maintenance? Naah, the site maintenance was about the forum and nothing else. Plus, it was performed April 25 2013.

Forum Postings
RyoBux have decided to put some regulations about the forum. Why? The admin said they were spammed with inappropriate subjects and complaints about the site, unethical users they said, and abuse of the forum of the said site. So, they made this rules:
  1. 100 minimum clicks (Ads) - will be permitted to post in forum
  2. 10 days after registration - will be permitted to post in forum
    - if you account has lower, you cannot post on the forum!

For me, i dont think this decisions are wise. Why not add more mods rather than adding this rules? Now it will be hard for us to monitor this site a bit.

Forum recently spammed, too many postings got deleted.

PayPal and Payza Accounts
Uses suspicious paypal and payza account(s). The same with the names.
  1. Brian Tate - PayPal
  2. Sonia Caraballo - Payza
Other Info

Reports and Complaints
Just incase you have another report and complaints about RyoBux, do not hesitate to go back here and post a comment below. Automatically sent to our email. We will be glad to hear your voice as users.

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