RevenueBox Review: Legit or Scam

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Script: PTC Evolution
Host: GoDaddy
Created: March 12, 2013
Launched: March 23, 2013

Adam Vincent Ziga from Czech Republic


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RevenueBox ( Descriptions)
RevenueBox which can be found at is a paid-to-click (ptc) website created March 12, 2013 and launched March 23, 2013 by a guy named Adam Vincent Ziga as owner operating in Czech Republic. Registered via GoDaddy hosting and uses PTC Evolution script. Is RevenueBox legit or scam? paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know
PTC and a GPT
RevenueBox is a PTC (paid to click) and a GPT (get paid to) at the same time, it is more like a hybrid but most of PTC sites are nowadays adding up GPT as another way of earning on their site so it is very normal.

Low Minimum Payout
You just need to reach $2 in order to request payout. Kinda easy to reach that low but ofcourse takes time for standard members and needs more referal.

Private Whois
Hidden whois information limits our review to some point, we believe whois should be public at all times for this kind of sites.

New Site
This kind of sites are not fully recommended by PhilReviews since they are the ones who are in adapting and developing stage. Very hard to deal with and sometimes cost money. Please use safety measures when dealing with this kind of site.

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Is scam?
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Is paying?
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RevenueBox legit?
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RevenueBox paying?
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RevenueBox working?
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