GoldenClix Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Payment Proof: check it here

Whois: check it here
Script: PTC Evolution
Host: Enom Inc.
Created: January 5, 2013

Owner: Edin Ikanovic
Company: Golden Group 2012 Inc ?
Location: Croatia

Same Owner of:

  • BalkanikaClix
  • ClixDo
  • AdzPot
  • SilverClix

  • New Site- Must be 1 year to be legit or may extend
  • On Going Review
    - Complaints, feedbacks, reports, proofs please post it via comment.

UPDATE: date not specified

GoldenClix encountered too many PayPal problems recently. Check this image as it speaks louder than my sentences:
Admin says they got a remedy to this but dont know if it was really the best cure for that.

GoldenClix which can be found at is a paid to click (ptc) website created January 5, 2013 via Enom Inc. Has a private whois informations which will limit our review to some point. GoldenClix owned and operated by a guy named Edin Ikanovic. Is GoldenClix legit or scam? Paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

Good Things

GoldenClix Owner
Owner distinguished, goldenclix owner is a guy named Edin Ikanovic of Croatia, images and id picture was provided by him, check it below:


Got good admin-member contact. Speaks on the forum and answers important complaints about the site. Provide important details that answers critical issues of GoldenClix. Hope this will continue.

Bad Things

Too Many Sites
A network of 5 sites naming GoldenClix, SilverClix, ClixDo, Adzpot, and BalkanikaClix. This is enough to be labeled as "many". Needs extensive hardwork and staffs to maintain.

New Site
GoldenClix and the other sites included under the network are all under 1 year of age and should only be used for testing. Test before making any investment. Expect both major and minor changes.


Answers The Questions:
Is legit?
Is scam?
Is legit or scam?
Is paying?
Is paying or not?
Is not paying?
Is working?
Is working or not?
Is safe?
Is fake?
Is safe or not? scam or legit?
GoldenClix legit?
GoldenClix fake?
GoldenClix scam?
GoldenClix scam or legit?
GoldenClix paying?
GoldenClix paying or not?
GoldenClix working?
GoldenClix safe?
GoldenClix payment proofs?
GoldenClix review
GoldenClix review updated
GoldenClix review 2013

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