FairBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Website: http://www.fairbux.com/
Payment Proof: soon

Whois: check it here
Script: NextGen
Created: April 23, 2013

Taqi Abughazaleh of JSC-Cards
from Johannesburg, South Africa


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FairBux (fairbux.com)
FairBux which can be found at fairbux.com is a paid to click (ptc) website created April 23, 2013. Uses NextGen script, a Buxhost site. Site operated and owned by a guy named Taqi Abughazaleh from Johannesburg, South Africa. Is FairBux legit or scam? Paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know

Uses sales@jsc-card.com in registration of FairBux, same as the PayPal account used. JSC-Card's whois shows it uses the name servers ns1 and ns2.jsc-cards.com. JSC Sport Card advertised on FairBux. Concluding FairBux and JSC Sport Cards are related to each other as same owner.

New Site
This kind of sites are those which are hard to deal with. New sites are sites under developing and adapting stages. Please use safety measures when using sites like this one.

On-Going Review
FairBux is under "On-Going Review" List since we have insufficient details and informations about this site, for now.

Other Info

Has Payment Proof Page - http://www.fairbux.com/pages/proof

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As of today we haven't recieve valid reports and complaints but incase something happen do not hesitate to go back here and post a comment below. Automatically sent to our email. We will be glad to hear your voice as users.

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