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Payment Proof: check

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Created: May 3, 2013

ChoAds -Marko Levant
from Zagreb, Croatia


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    - Last payments July 29, 2013. Soon will be moved to "not recommended"  if no sign of good progress.

UPDATE: JULY 31, 2013

Payments are delayed related to a PayPal issue (which are stated below), last payments made July 29, 2013 via Payza and a bit from PayPal.

UPDATE: JULY 29, 2013

ChoBux stopped paying and last payment recorded was July 15, 2013. Please proceed here - ChoBux Payment Proof Page.

Here's the last statements from the admin dated March 29, 2013:
"Hello members,
You've noticed a small delay in payments. 
At first I thought it was a problem due to national holiday and banks not processing transactions, however I discovered the problem is totally different. 
Our PayPal account is linked to a card from which we are making payments, since we cannot pay directly from PayPal balance, we need to pay from credit card through paypal. 
The problem is, we can only send 15 transactions per day, and it's not paypal who's making problems, it's our bank. I've phoned them and the lady with cute voice could not tell me anything about it, in fact she told me she heard for this first time and as far as she knows there's no limit in number of transactions daily.
I immediately emailed the bank office, and I'm expecting reply tomorrow morning. 
In the meantime I handled documents for another card and this should be ready in few days.
We will make payments from 2 cards. This is what is causing delays.
I could not figure that out earlier since we had only few withdrawals per day.
For example, today, I've paid out 14 paypal requests and I added funds to Payza through credit card, after that I tried to make a payment through paypal again and it was denied.
The good thing is, in 2 days we're fully in European Union, and I hope paypal will make paying from balance available in our country too.
Now, about the payment waiting times, it is up to 3 days max now, however, I will change this to 7 days and there is a valid reason for that. 
It is because Payza keeps our funds frozen for 7 days, and PayPal keeps our funds in Pending balance for 30 days.
Our Paypal account works in following way:
We receive a payment, it goes to pending balance for 30 days. 
After 30 days, it goes to Available balance. 
Every 1st in month paypal automatically sends funds from Available balance to our credit card. 
We pay you directly from our credit card.
We send each and every paypal payment manually.
And the last thing, from now on, for every $1 you deposit through payza you will receive 5 points (remember 200 = $1 purchase balance).
Every opinion and comment is welcome, so do not hesitate to write something.
Update July 2nd:
Nothing from bank yet, but I'm paying from 2 credit cards now.
I also sent an email to paypal and I have a feeling they might reply with good news :)
We'll see. 
I will update this again when I receive their email.
Update July 3rd:
I received response from paypal:
Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding the functionality of your PayPal account.
First of all I would to congratulate you for being part of the EU now.
After reading your email I can confirm that at the moment nothing has changed in our banking regulator. Please understand that in order to make this big change in our system for our Croatian customer we need to make sure that we accomplish all the local regulations.
We have not received any communications about changes Croatian accounts and their functionality at the moment. Therefore I will pass this feedback to our head office to prioritise the change in our services in your country.
Please let us know if you require any further assistance.
I replied them back, so let's see.."


ChoBux which can be found at is a paid-to-click (ptc) website created May 3, 2013 and launched mid of May. This site is registered via GoDaddy web hosting using PTC Evolution Script. ChoBux is owned by a guy named Marko Levant from undefined country since the site has a private or hidden whois informations. Is ChoBux legit or scam? paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know
New Site
As usual, we do not fully recommend this kind of sites (new sites) since they are still on adapting and development stage which makes them unpredictable and hard to monitor. Please use safety measures when dealing with this kind of site.

Query results says it was owned by a guy named Marko Levant from Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. Not too public but helpful to determine owner's identity. *credits to chronic via intensedebate*

On-Going Review
Since this site lacks in business days (operating days) age, we will add it to our On-Going Review List. To help us make a better review about ChoBux please do not hesitate to post a comment below post. We will be glad to hear your voice as users of ChoBux.

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Has Payment Proof Section -

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As of today we haven't recieve any valid reports and complaints about ChoBux, but incase you have, please post a comment below post.


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